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Subscription and Billings

Last updated on May 08, 2024

This article contains some frequently asked questions on account subscription and billing.

  1. Is recruiting users from the participant pool included in all plans? If not how much does it cost?

    Ans: Recruiting users from the participant pool is available in all plans. However, they can only be recruited using credits. You can purchase credits for recruiting within the Crowd dashboard.

    We also support other recruitment methods, such as sharing via link, email or launching test prompts directly into your platform.

  2. How much do credits cost? And how many credits does it cost to recruit a user?

    Ans: You will need to spend 1 credit for every participant you recruit.

    You can purchase credits for $5 each, and they will be used to compensate the participants once they complete your test.

  3. Is the participant pool mainly from the US?

    Ans: Crowd integrated with Prolific and with this we have a diverse participant pool.
    While the majority are from the US, we also have a good number of participants from other OECD countries.

  4. Is white-labelling available?

    Ans: Currently, we do not offer white labelling in any of the tiers as it’s an enterprise plan feature.