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Steps on how to create an unmoderated test

Last updated on Feb 02, 2024

Key points;

  • Steps to create an unmoderated test

  • Running an unmoderated test

  • Analyzing report

These are the steps to create an unmoderated test on Crowd;

  1. Navigate to the crowd dashboard, click on unmoderated test, and click on "Create new test"

  2. You can select from our numerous template boxes, or you can start from scratch

3. Edit your test details

4. Click on "Add new block" to add your preferred test.

5. Select your preferred test

6. Preview your test and click on "publish" to go to the recruit page.

Running the Unmoderated Test

  1. Launching the Test: Launch the test and send invitations to participants. Ensure they understand the process and have access to the necessary resources.

  2. Dealing with Technical Issues: Have a plan in place for addressing technical issues that participants may encounter during the test, such as login problems or browser compatibility issues.

  3. Ensuring Privacy and Security: Protect participant data and privacy. Follow data protection regulations and inform participants of how their data will be used.

  4. Handling Participant Questions: Provide a means for participants to ask questions or seek clarification, even though the test is unmoderated. Be responsive to their inquiries.

Analyzing Results

  1. Quantitative vs. Qualitative Data

    Differentiate between quantitative data (e.g., task completion rates) and qualitative data (e.g., user comments) when analyzing results.

  2. Data Analysis Tools

    Utilize appropriate data analysis tools to process and interpret the collected data.

  3. Interpreting User Feedback

    Look for patterns, trends, and insights within the user feedback to draw meaningful conclusions.

  4. Reporting Insights

    Summarize your findings in a comprehensive report that includes key insights, recommendations, and actionable next steps.

Iterating and improving

Continuous Improvement

  • Use the insights from the unmoderated test to inform product or website improvements. Continuously iterate and refine your designs based on user feedback.

  • Incorporating Feedback

    Engage with your team and stakeholders to incorporate user feedback into the design and development process.

  • Future Testing Strategies

    Consider conducting additional unmoderated tests to track progress and assess the impact of changes made based on previous test findings.