Last updated on Feb 17, 2024

Key Points:

  • Key features

  • AI Integration in Widgets: Enhancing User Feedback Analysis

  • Benefits of Interactive AI in Crowd Widget Feedback Analysis

The integration of AI into crowd-related processes introduces key components that significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of handling feedback.

Key Features

Here, we delve into the key features of crowds AI integration and how they revolutionize the way teams interact with user sentiments and test results.

1. Feedback Summaries:

  1. The AI excels at providing insightful summaries for a wide range of feedback types.

  2. This unified approach enables teams to gain a comprehensive understanding of user sentiments and emerging trends across various feedback channels. By consolidating information in a digestible format, teams can quickly identify patterns, prioritize issues, and make data-driven decisions.

2. Ask AI:

The "Ask AI" feature transforms the traditional approach to feedback exploration. Instead of relying on generic summaries, team members now can engage in tailored conversations with the AI. This personalized interaction allows them to extract specific information, making the feedback exploration process more intuitive and responsive to the unique needs of the user/researcher.

AI Embedding in Unmoderated Tests: The integration of AI in unmoderated tests brings about a paradigm shift in how teams interact with and derive insights from test results.

3. AI-Generated Summaries:

After conducting an unmoderated test, users can leverage the AI's capabilities to generate insightful and concise summaries of the results. By clicking on the AI summary button, teams can quickly grasp the key findings and significant trends, saving valuable time and streamlining the analysis process.

4. Chatbot for In-Depth Queries:

To further enhance the interaction with test results, the integration includes a chatbot feature. This allows users to engage in in-depth queries with the AI, extracting specific answers and insights from the test results. The chatbot serves as a valuable tool for teams seeking detailed information, enabling a more interactive and dynamic exploration of the test outcomes.

AI Integration in Widgets: Enhancing User Feedback Analysis The integration of AI into Crowd widgets introduces advanced features that elevate the analysis of user feedback, creating a more streamlined and interactive process.

1. Feedback Summaries for Widgets:

  1. The widget AI summaries offer an in-depth analysis of various widget types, such as NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), bug reports, and feature requests.

  2. This consolidated view provides teams with a comprehensive understanding of user sentiments expressed through widgets. By generating insightful summaries for different widget categories, the AI facilitates a more efficient analysis, enabling teams to identify trends, prioritize issues, and gain actionable insights from diverse sources.

2. Chatbot / Ask AI for Conversation:

  1. Team members can engage in dynamic conversations with the AI specifically regarding feedback items collected through widgets.

  2. This interactive feature empowers teams to actively explore and understand user sentiments expressed through widgets, creating a more engaging and responsive feedback analysis process.

Use cases

Personalized Exploration: The chatbot functionality allows team members to ask specific questions related to feedback. This personalized exploration ensures that teams can extract precise information, gaining deeper insights into user opinions and experiences.

Real-time Interaction: The real-time nature of the conversation feature enables teams to promptly address user concerns and respond to emerging trends. This dynamic interaction with the AI fosters a more agile approach to handling user feedback collected through widgets.

Contextual Understanding: The chatbot's ability to understand context enhances the depth of analysis. Team members can delve into the specifics of user comments, gaining a nuanced understanding of sentiment, preferences, and pain points expressed through widget interactions.

Benefits of Interactive AI in Crowd Widget Feedback Analysis:

  • Efficiency Gains: The AI's ability to generate summaries and engage in conversations significantly reduces the time and effort required for manual analysis.

  • Proactive Issue Resolution: Real-time interactions empower teams to address issues promptly, leading to improved user satisfaction and retention.

  • Holistic Understanding: The combination of summaries and chatbot interactions provides a holistic view of user feedback, aiding in comprehensive decision-making.