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Definition, role and responsibilities, how to prepare and how to set up for a moderated session

Last updated on Jan 31, 2024

Key points:

  • What is a Moderated Session?

  • Roles and responsibilities in a moderated session

  • Preparing for a session

  • Setting up the environment

What is a Moderated Session

A moderated session is a user research method where a moderator oversees and interacts with participants in real time. This session is particularly useful for gathering qualitative insights, observing user behavior, and obtaining direct feedback on products, services, or prototypes.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Moderator: The moderator is responsible for guiding the session, asking questions, and ensuring that participants follow the test plan. They also take notes and manage the overall flow of the session.

  • Participant: The participant is the user who will interact with the product or service being tested. They provide feedback and insights during the session.

  • Observer: Observers are individuals who watch the live session but do not actively participate. They may include stakeholders, designers, or other team members interested in the test.

Preparing for the Session:

  • Define Objectives: Clearly define the goals and objectives of the live session. What specific information are you looking to gather?

  • Recruit Participants: Select and invite participants who match your target user demographics.

  • Create a Test Plan: Develop a detailed test plan outlining the tasks participants will perform, questions to ask, and scenarios to explore.

  • Prepare Materials: Ensure that all necessary materials, such as prototypes, questionnaires, or devices, are ready and functional.

Setting Up the Environment:

  • Location: Choose a quiet and well-lit location for the live session. Make sure the environment is free from distractions.

  • Equipment: All the equipment you need to start up your test is on Crowd. Make sure the device you are using for your test has a good working camera and microphone.